How to play

The first thing you must do when playing our multiplication math games, is select your level of difficulty based on your multiplication skill level. If you are learning to multiply, you should start on the Beginner difficulty setting. If you already think you are great at multiplying numbers quickly, try the impossible level to see exactly how good you are.

Math Game Opening Menu

When you begin to play the game, aliens will descend from the top of the game screen with a math problem in white text above them. You must solve this math problem and type the answer on your keyboard to zap the alien. If it takes you too long to zap the alien, the alien will drop a bomb on your city. If the aliens completely destroy your city, you lose the game.

Math Alien Bomber

If you type the incorrect answer, your score will go down and the number of aliens you have to zap to pass the level will increase.

Math Game Wrong Answer